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Newly Graduated Arlington High School Student Killed in Car Crash

UncategorizedUncategorized car accident attorneyRebecca Read, a newly graduated Arlington High School student, was killed in a car crash after the Jeep Wrangler she was riding drifted off the highway, forcing its driver to overcorrect and roll over across the opposite lane. The accident occurred along Interstate 45 near Fairfield, Texas. Mead was travelling with three other girls—they were all part of the school’s choir group. According to her friends, Read was killed in the Rollover accident. Two of the other girls who figured in the accident were transported to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas for treatment. In a statement to the press, a spokesperson from Baylor Medical said Peyton Cates, one of the passengers, was in stable condition. The other passenger’s condition is currently unknown. Read was described by her friends and family as being talented and having a sweet voice. if you or anyone you know was involved in a car accident that lead to a serious injury or worst, a death, it's important to understand your legal options. Are you eligible to claim compensation for a personal injury? Did the accident lead to a wrongful death? Talk about your legal options after a car accident by talking to the legal team of Barrus Injury Lawyers. Sit down for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with a car accident attorney. Call us today at (210) 593-8709.

Deadly Bus Crash Near Laredo Texas. Leaves 8 Dead

UncategorizedUncategorized car wreck lawyerA fatal bus crash and rollover in Webb County resulted in the deaths of at least 8 people on Saturday afternoon, May 14. According to Webb County officials, 7 people died at the scene of the accident, while one more died from severe injuries after being taken to the hospital. At least 44 people sustained injuries and were taken to hospitals nearby, although there has not been any word on their condition. According to a Texas Department of Public Safety official, 22 were transported to Doctor's Hospital, 15 were brought to Laredo Medical Center, and 7 to a hospital in nearby Dimmit County. Reports show that the rollover accident happened sometime around 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, some 8 miles north of a Border Patrol checkpoint along Highway 83. Investigators have yet to pinpoint what triggered the deadly crash. Webb County officials believe the bus carried 52 passengers as it left the Rio Grande Valley that morning, travelling to Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass. Because of the accident, TxDOT officials were forced to divert traffic away from Highway 83, a detour that last for several hours. Traffic was restored later that afternoon, at around 5:30 p.m.. The National Transportation Safety Board recently announced that it would send a team of investigators to identify the cause of the accident. The team is expected to arrive today.

3 Tips for Finding the Right San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

UncategorizedUncategorized If you went through an accident not of your own doing and sustained injuries, it’s a good idea to seek the services of a San Antonio personal injury attorney. These lawyers specialize in fighting for your rights, getting the compensation to cover the costs of your treatment and recovery from your injuries. However, when looking for a personal injury lawyer, there are a number of considerations to make. Fortunately, we at Barrus Injury Lawyers have outlined 5 tips to make the search easier and faster.
  1. Find a Lawyer Specializing in Cases Similar to Your Situation
If you’ve already begun looking for a personal injury lawyer, you might have noticed the title of ‘personal injury lawyer’ refers to a wide range of different attorneys, each one familiar with personal injury law but specializing in specific aspects like motorcycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, and workers compensation. The first step to finding a lawyer is determining what your case involves. Then you can match a lawyer’s previous experience with your needs. How many cases similar to yours have they won?
  1. Get Referrals
Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best way to find a reliable and experienced attorney. Ask your friends and family if they have recommendations for personal injury lawyers in your area and ask them to evaluate their experience.
  1. Be Mindful of Red Flags
You should also take note of certain warning signs of attorneys you should avoid. If a lawyer exhibits these red flags, look elsewhere.
  • The lawyer gives you unrealistic promises about your compensation
  • The lawyer is difficult to contact and doesn’t return calls
  • Tha lawyer handles a wide variety of cases, such as divorce, criminal defense, wills & estates, etc.
  • The lawyer is too aggressive
  • You only meet with the lawyer's staff, but never get to meet the lawyer himself
Your personal injury case is a highly personal and sensitive matter. You need a lawyer who you can work with closely, who understands your situation and makes sure your interests are put first. Contact Barrus Injury Lawyers at (210) 593-8709 to schedule a FREE 5-Point Case Analysis.