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Mistakes to Avoid After a Dog Attack

Dog BitesDog Bites Dog bite factsAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “Approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States.” About 1 in every 5 bites lead to infection. The most susceptible to complications are children and postal workers. It’s no surprise then why there are so many personal injury cases involving dog attacks. If you're facing this situation, below are a few mistakes to avoid when filing your personal injury claim. Not Getting Treatment Many dog bite victims make the mistake of thinking that just because the bite wound doesn’t look serious, they don’t have to get it treated. But even the smallest wounds can lead to a serious infection as a dog’s mouth can contain different bacteria that can spread throughout the body. Bottom line? Always seek the attention of a physician after a dog bite. A doctor will also put your injury on record, thereby supporting your claim. Not Reporting the Attack Some dog bite victims are so traumatized by the incident that reporting what happened to animal control or the police somehow slips their mind. Sometimes the dog owner will ask the victim not to report the bite in exchange for paying all medical bills. While that may seem like a fair deal, there’s nothing you can do when they renege from the deal. Bottom line? Report the incident to the authorities, which will serve as insurance. This will also put liability of the accident on paper. If you need legal representation after a dog bite or attack, don't hesitate to call the offices of Barrus Injury Lawyers. Cal us to schedule a FREE consultation.

3 Steps to Handle a Dog Attack Situation Effectively

Dog BitesDog Bites Learn more about dog bitesDog attacks can be a traumatic experience for anyone. The key is to know what to do after an accident to ensure your safety and have a higher chance of claiming damages.
  1. Immediately After the Bite
Obviously, the bite victim’s needs should come first. If necessary, call 911 for emergency assistance. You should also get any of the following information:
  • The dog’s owner (name, contact number, address)
  • Witnesses and their names and contact information
  • The dog’s veterinarian
  • Vaccination information (date of most recent vaccines)
  1. A Few Hours After the Bite
By now the bite victim should have received medical care for infection control. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that close to 1 in every 5 animal bites leads to infection. Even if a family dog made the bite and you don’t need to look for a dog bite attorney, you should still seek medical care. Be sure to have the information you collected at the scene of the attack, especially that concerning the dog’s vaccination records.
  1. Days and Weeks After the Bite
In the days and weeks following the attack, the victim should have recovered from the initial shock of the incident. This is also an excellent time to seek the advice of a dog bit lawyer for a consultation on claiming damages. Your attorney should ask the following:
  • All medical costs of treating the bite
  • Any lost time from work
  • Costs of therapy
  • Damage to property
  • Any further action to be taken against the dog and its owner (important for dogs with a history of attacking people)
The attorneys of Barrus Injury Lawyers can help you navigate the complex waters of a dog bite lawsuit. Talk to a San Antonio dog bite attorney to discuss your legal options and strategies for claiming damages.

What Should You Do After a Dog Bite?

Dog BitesDog Bites Dog bite injury attorneyThe sudden and often traumatic nature of a dog bite can leave victims shaken. Dog attacks range from minor to severe, the latter of which can lead to a small pile of medical bills, especially if the injury leads to infection. In the event of a dog bite, be sure to follow these tips.
  1. Seek Medical Care Immediately
First things first, get medical care for your injuries. If left unattended, dog bite injuries can lead to infection, or worse, death. Your immediate priority is to go to the hospital right away, especially if the victim is a child. Your physician will want to control infection and vaccinate for rabies.
  1. Gather Names and Addresses of Witnesses
A dog attack can happen in several scenarios. For example, you might have a neighbor with a loose dog that attacked you. A stranger may also own the dog, which escaped from the leash, attacking you. In this case, it’s important to get the owner’s contact information, which will prove crucial when seeking damages.
  1. Document the Injury
Take pictures of the bite and be sure to keep records of the medical and police report. Written reports will be your most powerful tool when seeking damages for the dog attack.
  1. Get a Lawyer
A lawyer’s legal advice will be of great assistance for victims of dog attacks. A lawyer will know how to negotiate with insurance companies, as well as how to catalogue your injuries, medical expenses, and lost income due to being away from work. If you or anyone you know is a dog bite victim in San Antonio, talk to an experienced San Antonio dog bite attorney at Barrus Injury Lawyers. Call us today at (210) 593-8709 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Denton Boys Attacked by Neighborhood Dog

Dog BitesDog Bites Dog bite lawyer in San AntonioA dog in a Denton, Texas neighborhood attacked three kids earlier this month. The attacks occurred close to the intersection of Montecito Drive and Settlement Drive, where a large and aggressive Rottweiler mix scratched and bit the boys after it escaped from a fenced yard. Local authorities responded to a 911 call after two boys, ages 11 and 13 were bitten on the back of their legs. The dog has since been placed under quarantine. Other dogs were involved, but did not bite anyone. One of the boys, who told police he was bitten on the leg, said he was on his way to a friend’s house when the dog suddenly attacked him. The other boy was bitten chased by the dog and bitten on the ankle, managing to climb atop a car to escape. According to residents in the neighborhood, the dogs were kept in a house across the street and were sometimes seen roaming around the street before. Victims of dog attacks need to know that they always have the option to file a dangerous dog report and file a personal injury claim, which could very well lead to a court hearing. This is where consulting a dog bite injury attorney comes in. For more information about your legal options after a dog attack, talk to the legal team of Barrus Injury Lawyers today.

Dallas Man Nursing Injuries After Being Attacked by Aggressive Dog

Dog BitesDog Bites Animal attack attorneyA Dallas man is recovering from injuries caused when an aggressive and loose dog attacked him and his mother. According to Cody Kilgore and his mother Elizabeth, their neighbor’s pit bull escaped through their gate, attacking them in their backyard on Kempwood Lane. According to Cody’s mother, the dog first attacked her, forcing her to scream for help, after which her son rushed to the backyard. The dog proceeded to attack Cody, locking on his neck. Acting almost instinctively, Elizabeth grabbed a knife and used it to stab the pit bull as it was attacking Cody, eventually forcing the animal to back off and run off into the neighborhood. And it could have been worse, as the attack happened just a stone’s throw away from Kleberg Elementary School’s playground. Authorities were able to track down the dog a few blocks away from the scene of the attack. Unfortunately, it had died from the stabbing injuries it received. Dog attacks are an unfortunate yet common incident in Texas. If you or anyone you know is dealing with a dog bite caused by another person's dog, find out how you can file for damages and compensation by talking to the personal injury attorneys of Barrus Injury Lawyers today.    

Senior Fighting for Life After Dog Attack

Dog BitesDog Bites Animal attack attorneyWhat was supposed to be a treatable dog bite has now turned into a deadly problem for a senior dog attack victim. Loren Maxey, age 86, is a creature of habit. According to his granddaughter, Jessica, his days start with him checking the mail immediately after it arrives. And that’s exactly what he was doing on the morning of August 1. As he turned to go home after retrieving the mail, a neighbor’s dog came rushing towards him, biting him on the calf. The dog reportedly bit Maxey twice as he twisted and stumbled, trying to make his way back to the house. But while Maxey was able to seek treatment at the hospital, his problems were only beginning. According to his granddaughter, his father is in critical condition after the bite wound turned into a massive infection. The owner of the dog declined to speak with the media. According to Montgomery County Animal Control officials, the animal was kept in quarantine until it could be determined that it did not have rabies. The dog has since been returned to its owner. If you or a loved one need assistance in reporting a dog bite in San Antonio, talk to the legal team of Barrus Injury Lawyers today. Call us at (210) 593-8709 to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

How Do You Establish Liability After a Dog Bite?

Dog BitesDog Bites Dog bite factsWhile dogs are indeed man’s best friend, dogs that have been poorly raised and trained can be aggressive, especially towards strangers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. Almost 1 out of 5 bites becomes infected.” If you have the unfortunate experience of being attacked by a dog in Texas, it’s always a good idea to consult the advice of a dog bite injury attorney. A lawyer will consider factors such as: Breed Do you know what dog breed is responsible for the most number of dog bites? While Pitbulls and Rottweilers have been implicated in a large number of attacks, just as many dogs less known for being violent have figured in attacks. These include Huskies, Chow Chows, Daschunds, Border Collies, and even the Retriever breeds. State Laws Different states have different laws for determining liability after dog bites. For example, Texas adheres to the common “one bite” law, which stipulates that a dog bit victim can claim damages from the dog owner if the dog has a history of attacking people or acted aggressively. If the bite was a one-off incident, the victim cannot claim compensation.  Get Legal Assistance When Possible Dog bites, especially those that involve large breeds, can cause extensive damage, and even be life threatening. This often entails medical bills, time away from work, and physical and emotional trauma. Talk to the Barrus Injury Lawyers to be informed of your rights and options.

Survey Shows Postmen See More Dog Bites in Texas

Dog BitesDog Bites Dog BitAccording to a study released during National Dog Bite Prevention Week last May 15 to 21, mail carriers in Texas experienced more dog attacks than any other state in the country. Four cities in Texas ranked among the top 12 for dog attacks on post carriers. The report, commissioned by the United States Postal Service, reports that over 6,500 of its postal workers experienced dog bites in 2015, with 77 of these attacks happening in Houston—the highest in any city around the country. The 12 top cities in the United States for postal worker dog bites are as follows.
  1. Houston, Texas – 77 postal workers experienced attacks
  2. San Diego, California – 58
  3. Cleveland, Ohio – 58
  4. Dallas, Texas – 56
  5. Los Angeles, California – 55
  6. Louisville, Kentucky – 51
  7. Kansas City, Missouri – 46
  8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 44
  9. Columbus, Ohio – 43
  10. Portland, Oregon – 41
  11. Fort Worth, Texas – 39
  12. San Antonio, Texas – 39
Each year, the American Veterinarian Medicine Association raises awareness of the importance of keeping dogs leashed and contained to prevent dog bite through National Dog Bite Awareness Week. One of the event’s sponsors, State Farm, reports having paid $1.5 million in personal injury claims to dog bite victims, half of whom were children. Statistics also show that the elderly and home services workers like postal carriers were the most likely to be bitten by dogs. To learn about your legal options after suffering a dog bite, talk to the legal team of Barrus Injury Lawyers. Contact us today to get started.

13-year-old Girl from Killeen Bitten by Pit Bull

Dog BitesDog Bites dog bite informationA young teenager from Killeen was brought to the hospital after suffering from a dog bite to her face from a pit bull. The incident happened on the evening of April 15, near the girl’s residence along West Libra Drive. Witnesses say the girl’s face was covered in copious amounts of blood after the attack. It was later found the dog had bitten off a piece of the girl’s top lip, while also injuring her nose. One of her friends, Emily Redmon, told officials they were going outside to play when a woman passed by walking her two dogs. The girl asked if she could approach the dogs to pet them, and was given the OK signal by the owner. Redmon said that as she (the girl) tried to pet the pit bull, the dog jumped on the girl, forcing her to move back, but this only cased the dog to pull its owner forward, which allowed it to jump on the girl and bite her face. Fortunately, the girl’s father said she was going to be alright. According to a worker from Killeen Animal Services who arrived at the scene of the accident, the pit bull in question would have to remain in quarantine for observation of up to 10 days to see if the animal received all its shots. Any incident that involves an attack or bite from a pit bull offers a good reason to call a personal injury lawyer specializing in dog bites. Due to their reputation of aggressiveness, some insurance providers in some states and cities no longer cover attacks by pit bulls, as they make up a substantial portion of their claims. Learn more about dog bite laws and pit bulls from Barrus Injury Lawyers today.

Texas Jury Rewards Plaintiff with $695,000 for Dog Bite

Dog BitesDog Bites Dog Bite FactsAfter a 4-day trial and half a day of talks, a Texas jury ruled against a couple, slapping them with a $695,000 bill for damages after their dog bit a neighbor. The jury in Parker County also required the couple to pay $125,000 in punitive damages after the court found their dog was dangerous, and that the couple was negligent by failing to identify their dog’s temperament. The defendant dog owners argued their dog was friendly, and that they had no idea the animal escaped from their yard. They also claimed to have been out of town during the dog bite incident, which they say was partly caused by their daughter accidentally leaving the gate open. However, the court found enough evidence during the trial that another neighbor felt compelled to bring a handgun when picking up mail from the mailbox to protect herself from the aggressive dog. Likewise, another neighbor refuted the defendants’ claims, testifying that the dog had escaped several other times in the past, and could still break out even if the gate was closed. According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, the jury was presented with enough evidence showing the dog had bitten people on several other occasions, and was in fact, trained to attack. Jennifer Duggin, the plaintiff, testified she sustained severe vascular damage, and that she still felt pain in the bite area, which has since scarred into the form of a dog’s mouth. To learn more about what to do after being bitten or attacked by a dog, contact Barrus Injury Lawyers for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.