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Deadly Prison Bus Crash in West Texas Leaves 10 Dead

Commercial Vehicle AccidentsCommercial Vehicle Accidents Commercial vehicle and truck accident attorney discusses deadly bus crash.On Wednesday a prison bus slid off of an icy highway in west Texas, sliding down an embankment and colliding with a freight train, leaving 10 passengers dead, including 8 inmates and 2 corrections officers. According to authorities, an icy overpass on Interstate 20, led to the bus sliding off of the highway just west of Odessa, in Penwell, Texas. Sheriff Mark Donaldson also noted that an earlier accident on the icy Interstate 20 overpass may have contributed to the bus losing control. The prison has identified the corrections officers that were killed included Christopher Davis, 53, and Eligio Garcia, 45, one of which was driving the bus. Additionally, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice identified the prisoners who were killed in the deadly bus accident, which were as follows:
  • Kaleb Wise – Age 22 – Burglary.
  • Michael Stewart – Age 25 – Burglary.
  • Tyler Townsend – Age 29 – Evading arrest on prior convictions.
  • Angel Vasquez – Age 31 – Assault of a Family Member.
  • Adolfo Ruiz – Age 32 – Labeling unauthorized recordings.
  • Bryon Wilson – Age 34 – Possession of a Controlled Substance.
  • Jeremiah Rodriguez – Age 35 – Theft.
  • Jesus Reyna – Age 44 – Possession of Cocaine.
Several others were injured in the accident, including a corrections officer, and five other inmates, which were listed in critical condition. Because of their size, lack of seatbelts, and the number of passengers involved, bus accidents often among the most deadly motor vehicle accidents. In fact, bus accidents often involve more fatalities than often deadly 18-wheeler accidents, but thankfully occur less often than trucking accidents. Those who have been injured in a bus or trucking accident usually have questions about their future, and being compensated for their medical bills and lost wages. If you have a question about a serious motor vehicle accident, including bus or truck accidents, the injury lawyers at Barrus Law Group offer a free consultation to help answer your important questions.