FAQ: How Can I File a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Claim?

San Antonio Injury Attorney Explains Applying for PIP Benefits.In Texas, auto insurance companies are required by law to offer personal injury protection, often referred to as PIP coverage, unless the insured party rejects PIP coverage in writing. Another benefit of PIP coverage in Texas is that making a PIP claim cannot affect your insurance rates under Texas law. Therefore, if you have to be at the coverage and are involved in accident you should always file a claim under your PIP coverage. If you have hired an attorney to assist you with your injury case, your attorney will usually take care of your application for PIP benefits for you. However, if you were involved in only a minor accident, with minor injuries, and are handling the claim on your own, you may wonder how to go about filing a PIP claim. Here are the steps:

  1. Notify your insurance company.  Soon after your accident, you may want to call your insurance company to find out whether or not you have PIP coverage on your policy. If you do have PIP coverage, ask your insurance company to send you all of the forms needed to open a claim for PIP benefits.
  1. Medical expense evidence. As you begin receiving medical bills from providers, you will want to compile the medical bills and send them to your provider for payment. In Texas, the typical PIP coverage is between $2500 and $7,000. Your PIP coverage will cover 100% of your medical expenses up to your PIP coverage amount.
  1. Lost wage evidence. PIP coverage also covers up to 80% of lost wages resulting from your accident. If you have missed work, thereby suffering lost wages, because of your injury, including time off for medical care, you can be reimbursed for these lost wages. However, unlike medical expenses, PIP benefits will only cover up to 80% of lost wages.

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