Don’t Become Just Another Case Number Following a San Antonio Car Wreck or Trucking Accident

Don’t Become Just A Number In A Local “Injury Mill”

San Antonio personal injury lawyer dicusses how to choose the right law firm.Everyday, hundreds of auto accidents occur in San Antonio. And while each and every auto accident is unique, and different from one another, we’ve noticed a common theme in the past year. Too many accident victims hire the first attorney they see on T.V., and then are disappointed after they hire the attorney, and are thereafter treated only as a number. Don’t be a little fish in a big sea…your case is important to you, and your case needs to be just as important to the attorney you hire.

You see, many of the attorneys who advertise on T.V. will shout about respect and justice, having your back, or hammering against the opposing side. However, in my experience, there is one common theme with these larger firms – “stack ‘em deep, and settle ‘em cheap.” Meaning, bring in a ton of cases, and then settle them for whatever you can get from the insurance company without going to trial or filing a lawsuit. This is why many of these larger firms are sometimes referred to as “Personal Injury Mills,” because they do a volume business. That is NOT how Barrus Injury Lawyers operates.

Our Commitment & Ethical Duty to Our Clients

We believe in working hard for our clients, and that we have an ethical duty to get them the very most we can to compensate them for their injuries – this means that if we believe we can get you more by filing a lawsuit and taking your case to trial, that is what we will do.

And, with us, you’re not just a case number – we are small enough of a firm to care for you, but tough enough to win your case! We go above and beyond to provide a level of service that we feel is unmatched among other San Antonio injury law firms, which is why you’ll always get to meet with the Attorney handling your case….try getting that from those who claim to have your back, or that want to hammer away at the insurance companies.

The bottom line is this: if you really want the respect you deserve, you need someone who is just as invested in your case as you are.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire The First Lawyer You See On T.V.

San Antonio injury lawyers discuss having the right attorney for your case.I get a lot of calls from injury victims who hired the first lawyer they saw on T.V., and are now calling to see how to hire us instead because they are unhappy being treated as just another case number. However, once you’ve hired an injury attorney, it’s very difficult to fire them without having to pay two attorney’s fees. And, our “No Fee Guarantee” ensures that you NEVER pay an attorney’s fee in a personal injury case unless we WIN YOUR CASE!

This is why we always recommend coming to talk with us. We offer a free consultation, and can show you exactly how we put our clients first. If you’ve been in a car wreck or trucking accident in San Antonio or throughout Texas, contact us to see how you can best protect your rights.


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