Car and Truck Accidents Are Leading Cause of Oilfield Injuries in Texas

Texas oilfield accident attorney discusses dangers of oilfield work.

In the past 10 years, and the increase in drilling technology known as “fracking,” Texas has remained one of the largest producers of drilling related fuel in the United States. However, this economic benefit to areas of Texas like the Eagle Ford Shale are not without downsides. Along with this increased activity comes increased safety risks, injury, and death caused by oilfield injuries in Texas.

Many people may not realize that the leading cause of willful injuries in Texas our car and truck accidents.   Every year for the past several years News sources have documented injuries and deaths of oil field workers that been involved in serious automobile accidents, both in the oilfield, And traveling to and from drilling sites.

 Motor Vehicle Accidents Claim the Lives of Texas Oilfield Workers Every Year

While working in the oil field is dangerous in and of itself, car and truck accidents are responsible for a surprisingly large number of oilfield related deaths and injuries related to Oilfield work. In fact, oilfield related motor vehicle accidents claimed more lives of Texas oilfield workers last year then catastrophic oilfield events combined.

Sadly, many vehicle related oilfield injuries and fatalities were due to the negligence of oil and gas companies.   These preventable accidents are often the result of problems such as:

  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Poorly screened 18 wheeler drivers
  • Worker exhaustion and fatigue as result of Long shifts with too few days off

Unfortunately, oil companies, and the industries that support drilling operations, will often claim that these accidents are not “work related” because they didn’t actually happen in the oilfield. As such, families who go without legal representation often end up paying a significant price for these work-related accidents. Having solid legal representation is important in these situations, because gas, oil, and drilling support companies will almost always put profits over people, and will rarely step up and do the right thing on their own. Having experienced legal counsel on the victims side dramatically increases the injured victims chance at receiving fair compensation.

If you are an oilfield worker, or if a family member or someone you love works in the oilfields, and was hurt or killed, you have rights. Find out more about your rights by contacting Barrus Injury Lawyers for a FREE consultation regarding your rights and options following an accident. Schedule your consultation by calling us at (210) 593-8709.


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