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San Antonio Dog Bite Attorney

Hire a Law Firm Experienced in Dealing with Dog Bite Inury Cases in San Antonio and South Texas.

Many times, dog bite victims are not only confused emotionally, but are also hurting physically. If you've been bitten by a dog, you need help, and there are certain things you must do to protect and preserve your dog bite injury claim. At Barrus Injury Lawyers, our San Antonio Texas dog bite lawyers are here to help you through this difficult time, and to answer your important and urgent questions.

Dog Bite Lawyers in San Antonio Texas - Barrus Law Group, PLLCTexas Dog Bite Laws

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their pets restrained or on a leash, especially when their dogs are around other people. This responsibility also means that owners can be held accountable if their dogs bite.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, call the Barrus Injury Lawyers to speak with one of our San Antonio dog bite attorneys. Our Texas dog bite attorneys are dedicated to holding dog owners accountable, and we'll do everything we can to get you the maximum value for your claim.

Taking Care of You

Our first priority is to make sure you get better. We understand that dealing with dog bite injuries can be difficult, and financially burdensome – this is why we do everything we can to make sure you get the help you need.

Our San Antonio dog bite attorneys can help make arrangements for your medical care, and if you can’t make it to our office for a free consultation, we can come to you.

We Can Help You Get The Answers You Need

San Antonio Dog Bite AttorneysFollowing a dog bite injury, we know that you will have a lot of questions you need answered – we are here to help! We encourage you to review the information prepared by our San Antonio dog bite injury lawyers, which is contained in this section of our website. You will find helpful information such as:

  • Articles providing detailed information about issues related to your injury.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about your injury.
  • Videos with tips and explanations you will find helpful
  • FREE books we've written that you can download right now.

You may still have questions. If so, Just Ask!

After you have reviewed the information on our website about Texas dog bite injuries, we know that you will probably still have questions. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us with any additional questions you have about your dog bite injury case. Please use the "Ask a Question" section on our website to send us a question, or call us at (210) 593-8709 to talk about your case. We offer a FREE no obligation consultation about your case - We are here for you and we want to help!

So, How can you protect yourself?

First, download our FREE book "5 Critical Steps in Handling Your Texas Dog Bite Claim". It’s absolutely free, and is packed with information and helpful tips to help you avoid ruining your dog bite injury claim.

The Barrus Injury Lawyers helps San Antonio and South Texas dog bite injury victims just like you, and we know the enormous difficulties presented by your injuries.

Our number one priority is to see you get back on your feet after a dog bite injury, which is why we fight hard to get the justice and compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to fight this battle alone - contact our San Antonio and South Texas dog bite lawyers today, and find out how it feels to have an experienced attorney fighting for you while you concentrate on what is most important - YOUR HEALTH! At Barrus Injury Lawyers, you come FIRST.

For a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our San Antonio dog bite injury lawyers, call us at (210) 593-8709.