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CALL US (210) 593-8709

About Our Firm

The Barrus Law Group, d/b/a Barrus Injury Lawyers, was established by Stacey M. Barrus.  Mr. Barrus established the firm with a single mission in mind - to provide an exceptional level of service to clients  who have been injured in an accident.  Mr. Barrus found that too many injury law firms in San Antonio, and throughout Texas in general were nothing more than "personal injury mills," churning out settlment after settlement, with little thought about the client.

In fact, it is well known in the San Antonio legal community that several prominent personal injury lawfirms who claim to give their clients "respect and justice," or promise to "have their back," operate by a common theme:  "Stack 'em deep, and settle 'em cheap!"    This means that these "legal factories," as Mr. Barrus likes to call them, focus on handling as many cases as possible, accepting settlements that are often far below the true value of the case, with very little concern for the client.

This is why Mr. Barrus established the Barrus Law Group.  He believes that both the clients and the San Antonio legal community are better served by being more selective on the cases his firm accepts, allowing his firm to offer an increased level of service and attention to each client's case, allowing his firm to get the kind of results that client's truly expect, rather than bullying them into taking the first settlement offer that comes along.